Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care

My wife and I were talking tonight - and I love what we came to agree on in the health care discussion - after telling her about the angry meetings I saw on the internet today she looked at me and said, "Romans 13." She gets it right; my feelings about health care are irrelevant. My focus should be, "How can I be a better testimony for Christ? By being respectful to my elected officials." If I disagree, I'll vote them out. :)


  1. What if the health care that is placed on American's funds abortions with tax payer's money? Should the believer stand up and voice their disapproval then?

  2. We already pay for things that I don't think we would approve of. I'm sure that some of our tax monies go to abortions or abortion advocacy groups, so while I'm not for it, it's probably already going on as it is.

  3. First, did you notice my bad grammar? LOL It was past my bedtime...
    So what level of passiveness should the believer have when it comes to moral issues within government? If we sit idle while babies are slaughtered, should we sit idle if in the future euthanasia is instituted?

  4. The believer, in my opinion, needs to stop voicing his/her opinions so much and focus exclusively on making Christ known. I don't mean to be so forceful with it, but it's time we started letting people know how it really works. Render to Caesar what is Caesar's, which is your taxes.

    We are sheep destined to the slaughter, and if that brings more people to Christ, then that slaughter is not in vain.